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[03 Sep 2008|05:52pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Since I am actually playing WoW again, I figured I should make an introduction on here. My name is Erica, I'm 22 and proud member of the Horde. I originally rolled on Mal'Ganis and I continue to play there with my 8 characters. Two are 70's - Mortania, my UD Fire Mage and Niamah, my BE Holy Priest. If I am not on them, I am running around on an itty bitty alt. I live in Mississauga and go to UTM so if you spot a chick on campus with a Horde, Priest or Mage tshirt from Jinx, then come up and ask if it's me - lol. I am casual raider and I have been finding it hard after I took a 3-4 month hiatus to find a good quality casual raiding guild for my priest and my mage. It's especially hard on Mal because many guilds or even PUGs have become eltist - wanting upwards of 1500+ healing to run Kara. It's getting to be ridiculous and frustrating. I left my last guild due to a difference in opinions. I suffered a burnout after I gquit and decided to take a break. Now I mostly run around, doing my dailies and staying up to date on WOTLK.

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[11 Jun 2008|01:09am]

*cracks knuckles* Alright! Allow me to introduce myself :). My name is Romano and I've been playing WoW since release of BETA..would have played BETA but blizzard wasn't kind enough to extend to me a code for it :(. In any case, throughout the time I played I've had a wide array of experiences, mostly good with the obvious some bad ones. I very first made a hunter because I thought you could tame and ride dragons...and fight while mounted on said dragon (LAWL i was such a noob) however upon reaching lvl 20 I found out you couldn't actually tame a dragon..after hearing said information I promptly logged off my NE Hunter and rolled a Troll Shaman on Thunderhorn (Home of the famous ALAMO the Durid) haha. Got the guy to 60 and just started raiding MC. It was about that time that RL kicked in and attacked me head on. I ended up wiping and had to resign from the game for about 4months.
 After my mini hiatus I got back on the troll ready to take down some new content...only to find my friends all abandoned the realm we played on for another (Detheroc) and rolled Alliance (PLEH!). So rerolled alliance and made a NE Druid. I was in love with my druid and fell in love with PVP once I got to 30. I was fortunate enough to be in a guild that was still new and we tackled MC and BWL before the guild fell apart due to some issues.
The fall out of the guild killed my desire to play the druid b.c of the memories I had with him, so I decided to make a Human Rogue (PERCEPTION FTW) got him to 60 and did the ol' PVP grind..this was back in the old system where you had to pvp for 21hours a day and sleep the other 3 just to have a chance of moving up in ranks at a good rate >.>. Got him to rank 13 and stopped seeing as how the new honor point buy system was being implemented the week I'd hit GM...no point killing my body for another 2 weeks just to NOT be able to buy my weapons.
With my new gear and needed a break from pvp I joined the one of the most amazing guilds I have ever been apart of and that was High Guarde (whom recently fell apart due to burn out of many core raiders that raided with the guild for the last 3years..hey it happens :( ). Naxx had just come out at this point and I was DYING to see it..and see it I did, I was even lucky enough to be the only Hemo Rogue in the guild.

Once BC came out I leveled the rogue to 70 and got his epic flier..did some raids up to Gruul's and got burned out...
It was between this time that I quit playing and the time that I started again 8months later that I met the Love of my life, whom also got into the game after some time. She rolled a troll hunter and was in love with it..  As she leveled her hunter I brought my old dusty druid out of retirement and took him to 70. got him geared in the S1 gear and raided a bit..I even got his epic flight form. Although not being able to play with my Wife on her realm and with her toon was really starting to get to me. So I made the decision of dropping all the work I put into my rogue and druid and start on her realm.
Took the Troll Rogue I rolled on her realm to 63 and was apart of her guild that I think is filled with nothing but amazing people and I couldn't have been more proud than to have been apart of their guild while I was playing with the toon. The guild was Vandelay Industries (SERENITY NOW!!!). However RL attacked again and once again not being prepaired for the fight caused another wipe. So for now im on yet another small break however intend to return in about 2months.

Soooo Im gonna stop burning your eyes with my wall of text and call it a night.
On that note GL HF DD! :D
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Intro [10 Jun 2008|11:38pm]

So, I'm pretty new to WoW. I've been playing for maybe a few months.
My main toon is a 63 Troll Hunter named Desdemonna on the realm Auchinduon.
Here's my armory. Nothing special =) Didn't get much time to play because i had to close my account a month ago (Rl monster attacked), but will open it up again soon. Part of an awesome guild called Vandelay Industries, used to be an officer before i resigned. If you're on the realm and interested in really awesome, experienced, helpful, friendly, raiding guild ... join us!!
Just tell em Des sent you ;)
Our forums
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[12 Mar 2008|11:51pm]

Well first off I wanna take the chance to welcome everyone to our community.
As you can tell we aim to bring together if you will, the players of World of Warcraft within the Greater Toronto Area. However if you don't live within the GTA but feel you live rather close to us and still have an interest in joining us to get to know people that game and live close to you, then by all means feel free to do so! ;)

Its appreciated, although not mandatory of course if you would introduce yourself upon joining. Nothing to specific lol, afterall we aren't asking for your mailing address :P. Keep it simple, your name (if you'd like), your realm its type (PvP/RP/PvE/RP-PvP/RP-PvE), your faction, and your character names.

Also don't forget HAVE FUN!!!! thats why we play wow its for fun doing a variety of things, role-playing, killing/ganking the opposing factions, raiding, making movies or whatever.
If you have some really funny or cool screen shots, videos, or stories that you have from your time playing WoW, well then post them here :D

All in all if its about WoW and you wanna share it, here is the place to do it.

Comments, concerns, ideas, etc.. can be addressed to our wonderful moderator machinemedusa at mechanicalmedusa@hotmail or commented on her lj.

Good Luck, Have Fun, and Dont Die GL/HF/DD!
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